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Beauty Explored – What’s Beauty? So Why Do Individuals Have Such Different Views?

There are lots of definitions of beauty for they mean various things to various people. For those who have a leaning for the visual arts, your look at ‘beauty’ may well be a sunset, a mountain, a ladies face, a classic vehicle, a sleek yacht or perhaps an old man’s face. Searching with various eyes, beauty may be based in the abstract equations of pure mathematics, the very structure of D.N.A. or even the bizarre realm of elementary particles.

The Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Fynman stated many facts in the time on a number of subjects, and never all related to physics. Once in a detailed interview for that B.B.C. in 1965 he was requested about beauty. His answer ended up being to recount the arguments he’d having a close artist friend about the good thing about a flower. The artist would enter a discourse around the appearance of the flower, its texture, the composition the flower created using its surrounding etc.

Fynman retorted this really was merely a very superficial look at the flower and something that science could enhance. He maintained there would be a ‘hidden’ beauty born of understanding present inside the flower. Expounding this concept, he continued to explain the way the cells the flower is made of had beauty within their different shapes and structures there being beauty within the myriad chemical reactions happening that stored the flower functioning.

Feyman’s interview began people questioning their values on beauty, in addition to fostering an in-depth curiosity about science within the youthful(myself incorporated).

Now that we know that what might be termed ‘beautiful’ happens to be an object that’s patterned or textured, a picture of symmetry or asymmetry, or perhaps a celebration of perfection or imperfection. Beauty appears to become so wide in the definitions it can’t be pinned lower. It is only so subjective and it is, as the saying goes, ‘in your brain from the beholder’.

One answer in regards to what beauty may be is based on the workings from the human mind itself. Our idea of beauty seems to become a construct of imagination. It appears apparent the mind invents, alters and contrasts what it really perceives, to understand it. Quite simply, your brain attempts a construct of reality and also, since many of us are individuals, each creates a slightly different picture.


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